Origin:  Minneapolis, MN

Genres:  Bass, Jungle, Bassline

Years Active:  2012- Present

Affiliations: Sub:Culture, Riddler Records

Project Allout Records, OPIUM, SPACED

Website: www.wissotamusic.com

Short Bio
US based Bass, Jungle & Bassline producer/DJ Erik Dale's (Wissota) sound can very much be placed in the Midlands UK, however he hails from the lakes country of the midwest USA. His productions have landed him releases on Project Allout Records, OPIUM, SPACED, Good Street Records, and Riddler Records, with three reaching the top 100 in Junodownload's UK Garage chart. A monster on the decks his live sets are impeccably mixed and full of energy. Don't miss Wissota, it's only a matter of time before he makes his mark. 
Don't pass on Wissota.



Wissota 'Light Speed' out on SPACED UK

A fresh and heavy futuristic monster. It's four x four with a cinematic sci-fi twist. Watch for the details as the track hurls you into light speed. The danger increases and the whole ship starts to break apart as your warped to another dimension of bass.


Usually the artists we feature on the label are from the UK or at the least European, but Wissota has been making waves from across the pond so you knew we had to get an exclusive.


Wissota's 'On The Run' with OPIUM

With UK Grime inspired grit this heavy track storms across the pond to OPIUM. This track will make you feel like you've been teleported behind the wheel of a monstrous muscle car racing full speed across the city from the scene of a crime with police in tow. 

Hailing from the midwest, US based producer Wissota bring us this dark and gritty UK inspired roller from across the pond. Hard track.


Wissota's Vicious EP Out on Project Allout

It's always a pleasure to see a fresh batch of tunes from Sheffield's own Project Allout imprint hit the shelves. This time we see the veteran label head overseas in collaboration with Minneapolis's own Wissota for a heavy three tracker. We kick off with the shiny metallic synth patterns of 'The Monsta' which deploys classic bass kick rolls creating monstrous rhythmic movement. Following this we have the tearout 4x4 sounds of 'The Devil' and we finish perfectly with the accelerated skippy drum arrangements of 'Sirens'. It's safe to say that Project Allout have made a very impressive start to 2018.

Junodownload on Wissota's Vicious EP


Wissota's Gangster EP Out on Project Allout

Wissota is a producer who's sound can very much be placed in the Midlands UK, however he hails from the Midwest USA. Which could be the reason his tracks sound a little more serious, than his tongue in cheek UK counterparts. 'Gangsters' rests on a simple garage beat with a ruthless, jumping melody and a cheeky cockney vox sample. 'Conspiracies' sounds like Jaws has been on one all night and now he's after you, jumping along flashing his teeth to a backdrop of 4/4. It's a fun bouncing track, with a seriously sinister edge. Especially that freaky breakdown.

Junodownload on Wissota's Gangster EP

It’s so good to hear new music from Riddler Records and what a way to come back!!! This 4 track EP from Wissota is the kind of upfront 4×4 Bass music that fans of labels like Saucy, Low Pitched and channels like 3000 Bass will love. a 4 tracker for a very reasonable 2 quid that includes bangers like “Pleasure”, a furious blend of Deep House, Garage, Grime & Niche/Bassline that’s ridiculously funky and tremendously banging!!! 

Free Break's Blog On the Wissota EP


Fresh, bumpy and bassy. This lively EP is sure to crank up the party!

UKGarage.org on the Wissota EP


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